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Enjazz Iraq is an ambitious business consultancies company. It’s the first of its kind in Basra and one of very few in Iraq. A need has aroused for specialised management services in Basra since many new and big companies entered the country. Many of these are oil and gas companies. Enjazz seeks to perform to international standards to fulfil the needs of its clients and to acquire the Excellency position it pursues.


Enjazz experience included in its staff which in the same time is their board of directors. They were chosen on a very competitive basis of expertise among many other professionals. Our Fields of experience are a range of Entrepreneurship, Procurement, Contract Management, HS&E, Marketing, General Business Administration fields, and Training.


At Enjaz, we work to serve both local companies and foreign ones to generate a balance in the business environment in the city. We understand the gap in the market and we work hard to bridge it through serving the community better.

Our various services arouse from the special local environment in Iraq and in Basra In particular. We understand the special conditions your business work in and we want to be the assistance you depend on to take the pressure of you.